This is Part 3 of a video series covering our 2017 August 8-day Lake Louisa loop in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. In Part 3 we travel from our campsite on Welcome Lake to our eventual destination on Lake Louisa. Our morning started with a misty paddle across a calm and quiet Welcome Lake. There were two portages and one beaver dam today. A short 320 meter portage from Rence Lake to Frank Lake then a longer 1725 meter hike from Florence Lake to Lake Louisa. The beaver dam was on the river between Harry Lake and Rence Lake. For the longer portage we used a leap-frog approach breaking the hike into manageable segments. I add 20% to the portage length in meters to estimate the total distance in steps. We then break up the portage into segments of 500 to 600 steps. This system worked well and kept us from getting too fatigued between each carry. The Lake Louisa portage was 1725 meters + 20% = approximately 2100 steps or 4 segments each about 550 steps.