This was my first solo canoe trip in Algonquin Park, Ontario. Well almost solo as I had Ella our 4-month old Black Lab on the trip with me. We started at the Magnetewan put-in and camped on Ralph Bice Lake, Queer Lake, Misty Lake and the final night on Daisy Lake. This video was before my GoPro and was patched together from clips I took with my Fuji digital camera. I took way too much gear which you will notice in some of the footage and I was still camping in a tent instead of my newer hammock set-up. It rained like the Amazon the last two days. You will see one very wet puppy trying to stay dry by the campfire. The picture at the end of the video is a time-delayed photo I took of myself to capture the moment. It finally stopped raining and the sun was shining gloriously across Daisy Lake. I can still remember the feeling of peace and serenity. That was also the trip I met another camper on Daisy that commented he had never seen anyone catch fish there as we headed out to fish late in the afternoon. I made sure to lift up my two plump Lake Trout as Ella and I paddled by his campsite on our way back to camp later in the evening!