This 2017 August trip was planned around spending some quality time on Lake Louisa in Algonquin Park. Our loop through Galeairy, Penn and Welcome Lakes required several long days of paddling and 2 long portages to reach our desired destination. I had read lots of 5-star accounts of Lake Louisa and our maiden visit did not disappoint. Lake Louisa has a lot of character and beautiful scenery coupled with plenty of awesome campsites. We stayed 3 nights on the north shore about midway down the lake and saw very few other canoes until Friday as the Labor Day (Labour Day?) trekkers paddled in for the long weekend. Weather was mixed, as expected, with characteristically cold early-autumn north winds and sporadic rainfall. We had a spectacular warm and sunny day that nourished our bodies and souls and even made a quick swim enjoyable. Fishing was not a priority so I did not spend much time trolling the lake. Besides, the wind beckoned me to spend some quality time in camp with Kristine. Something to look forward to on the next visit to Lake Louisa.

Part 4 of our August 2017 back-country canoe trip to Lake Louisa in Algonquin Park, Ontario.