My daughter Karly and I hiked the South Kaibab Trail on the south rim of the Grand Canyon on October 7, 2018. We drove from Las Vegas to Tusayan AZ the afternoon before and took in a short view of the sunset from Grandview Point before embarking on our south rim hike in the morning. The National Park Service advises against attempting to hike from the rim to the river and return in the same day. We managed to reach The Tipoff point where the Kaibab Trail crosses the Tonto Trail. From the Kaibab trailhead to Tipoff Point is 4.4 miles with an elevation change of 3400 feet. We left he trailhead at 6:30 AM, reached the turn-around at Tonto Trail at about 9:00 AM and hiked back out to the trail-head by 12:30 PM. I will not waste keystrokes to describe the trail, scenery and vistas. It is just too spectacular to describe in text at least with my limited literary skills.