Algonquin Park never fails to inspire awe and wonder in me and this solo canoe trip in May 2018 was no exception. A very special discovery occurred - special in consideration of the circumstances and emotional impact it had on me.

Planning for the trip began in mid-2017 with anticipation and excitement building to a crescendo on May 11 as I drove to Huntsville, Ontario with 16-foot Kevlar Scott Prospector atop my Grand Cherokee. I had planned an 8-day loop starting at Cedar Lake entering through the Brent access point on the north side of The Park . I would layover in Huntsville Friday night and then drive up to Brent Saturday morning to start the trip. Ice-out had been very late this year and it was still unknown if Cedar Lake would be ice-free and navigable. 

Luck was on my side and I was able to start my journey on Saturday as planned. The trip would take me in a counter-clockwise direction from Cedar Lake, upstream on the Petawawa River through Catfish, Burntroot, Le Muir, Hogan and Philip Lakes then the Little Madawaska River to Radiant Lake and back to Cedar Lake via the out-flowing segment of the Petawawa River. I have taken several solo trips into Algonquin Park and look forward to the tranquility and opportunity to clear my mind and spirit. 

The route was planned so that the 3565 meter portage on the Little Madawaska River would be tackled later in the week with a lighter food load and a trail-hardened body and mind. I approached the portage that morning prepared for several hours of carrying canoe and pack. I had also entered 'the zone' the day before - that serene mindset that comes after 3 days of solitude in the wilderness.

This video captures that very special day on the Little Madawaska River portage. I hope you enjoy the video and share it with others. I would love to learn the rest of the story and share my find with Sheela and Monica.