How to get firewood

How to get firewood

A short video showing how I find and cut dry firewood in the back-country.

How to roll, roll, roll your Yak

How to roll, roll, roll your Yak

A few years ago while on a rafting trip in West Virginia, my son and I decided to give whitewater kayaking a try. We hired a guide and spent a day learning basic paddling skills. We both had over 25 years of flat water paddling experience but the kayak in 'lumpy' water is a different animal. We did catch the yakking bug and shortly afterwards I purchased a Pyranha Fusion cross-over kayak.

This past spring it became painfully clear to me that I was missing a key skill to enjoy actual whitewater - the kayak roll. The kayak roll is a maneuver to return your kayak right-side-up after tipping over in white water and not having to wet exit the kayak. We searched the internet for instruction videos on kayak rolls. After watching several of them we ventured out to a local lake to become proficient at this important white water skill. It looked a lot easier on the internet! We left the lake that day with sore shoulders and unable to successfully execute the roll.

An experienced white water paddler from my club recommended an the instruction video, "Grace Under Pressure - Learning the Kayak Roll", by Kathy Bolyn, Joe Halt and Tom DeCuir. This short video is my third practice session with the roll since watching the video. There is much more to learn in order to roll in fast moving water but I am off to a great start.

Practicing the kayak roll on Ralph Bice Lake in Algonquin Park, Ontario, August 2017.

My hiking boots: Asolo TPS 520

This is a video review of my Asolo TPS 520 hiking boots that I have worn for almost 5 years now. They are an excellent boot, the best I have owned, and have taken me on hikes in Algonquin Park, Canada, the Italian Alps and the Highlands of Scotland. These are a durable, waterproof and comfortable boot that will stand up to the abuse of trails and scrambling in the mountains. I hope you enjoy my short video.

Asolo TPS 520 Hiking Boots

My camp saw: Aqawa Canyon Boreal 21

The Agawa Canyon Boreal 21 is my saw of choice for canoe and back country camping trips. Most saws sold in sport and camping stores are fragile or impractical at cutting anything larger than a broom stick handle. For several years we used 30-inch or larger bow saws available at hardware stores like Home Depot, Canadian Tire or Lowes but these saws are difficult to pack and can break down under heavy use.

I have used the Boreal 21 saw for the past two seasons and love the utility, efficacy and durability of the saw. You can check out more details at the company website I have no affiliation with this company. My motive is to share with you what I believe to be a superior product. I have met the owners of Agawa Canyon at several outdoor trade shows and they are a great bunch of guys.